Securing Resources

Research shows that the need for emergency aid is greater than the resources institutions have available. This puts a powerful emphasis on the importance of finding innovative ways to secure and maximize resources for emergency aid. Even after an institution’s emergency aid effort has been created and fully developed, cultivating resources should remain a priority to sustain and grow emergency aid offerings. This goes beyond finding, allocating and leveraging multiple funding streams. Colleges and universities need to ensure they're developing a solid infrastructure to fully implement and manage the program to scale.

To further gauge the sustainability of an emergency aid strategy, institutions should consider the following:

Explore this section for insight and resources on these crucial elements for sustaining success in delivering emergency aid to students in need.

Tools & Resources

The community of institutions interested in emergency aid continues to grow. We'll collect and catalog many of the developed resources and tools so they can be discovered, shared and improved upon by the evolving emergency aid community. Browse this library of tools and resources for implementing, evaluating and improving emergency aid at colleges and universities.

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Lack of financial resources

is the leading barrier to increasing the number of students served with emergency aid

Source: NASPA

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1/4 of institutions

reported that students are frequently denied emergency aid because of institutional resource constraints

Source: NASPA