USU Structured Conversations: Following the Student’s Journey: Meeting Basic Needs

USU Structured Conversations: Following the Student’s Journey: Meeting Basic Needs

Coalition of Urban Serving Universities / March 31, 2017

One of the biggest challenges we face in higher education is that there is a lot of good work supporting student success, but we struggle to share it in an effective, efficient fashion. We have a simple, but arguable radical, response – let’s talk together. The Coalition of Urban Serving Universities (USU) is introducing something new to do just that: Virtual Conversations, which are structured but informal dialogues among colleagues working on common student success related efforts.

How Does it Work?

In a one hour conference call, we will have a handful of institutions working in a common but important student support effort kick-off a discussion on what they are doing and its impact. Each will have five minutes. Then we get the chance to discuss it. Together. Those also doing good work in this area will be invited to share their insights and ask questions, and those thinking about doing this work can ask questions or just listen in.

USU have five institutions lined up to talk with each other and with you about their work. The participants include: Gail DiSabatino, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, University of Massachusetts, Boston, U-Access Program; Jillian Keller, Assistant Director, Resource Centers, Cleveland State University, Lift Up Vikes; Melissa Lavitt, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of Washington, Tacoma; Jessica Medina, Coordinator, Fresno State University Food Security Project; and Nicole Patterson, Welcome Center Manager, Virginia Commonwealth University, RamPantry.